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Positive Technologies is a leading provider of vulnerability assessment, compliance management, and threat analysis solutions to more than 3,000 global enterprise clients. Our solutions work seamlessly across your entire business: securing applications in development; assessing your network and application vulnerabilities; assuring compliance with regulatory requirements; and blocking real-time attacks. Our commitment to clients and research has earned Positive Technologies a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on SCADA, banking, telecom, web application, and ERP security, and distinction as the #1 fastest growing Security and Vulnerability Management firm in 2012, as shown in an IDC report*

Positive Solutions

  • PT Application Firewall™ : : modern algorithms combine to protect you from emerging threats. Stop zero-day attacks before they strike. Quickly patch existing security holes. Prevent automated malware from attacking your systems and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter the most. At Positive Technologies we think differently because we are different. What sets us apart is our people, their unmatched security expertise and relentless pursuit to make the world a safer place. We know how to break into systems. Therefore we know how to protect your business against attackers who are on the front lines, armed with insidious, next-generation malware capable of exploiting your systems and destroying your business.
  • PT Application Inspector™ : intelligent source code analysis examines software from end-to-end and finds true vulnerabilities using a combination of static, dynamic and interactive testing. Automatic exploit generation and few false positives save time and help you realize a Secure Software Development Life Cycle model. PT Application Inspector’s unique integration with security tools (like PT Application Firewall) lets you mitigate risks without having to change source code. Uncover disguised vulnerabilities across all your Web, Client-Server, Back-end and ERP applications.
  • MaxPatrol™: the culmination of over a decade of research and hands-on security assessments —is the only vulnerability and compliance management system that combines auditing, penetration testing and compliance management in one solution. Find the most hidden vulnerabilities across all your systems. Eliminate false positives from your results. Take control of your entire infrastructure, from network equipment and operating systems to SAP, GGSN, HLR and critical infrastructure security and leverage the collective knowledge of 200 security experts.
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