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Web Filtering & Advanced Threat Protection

Web proxy have enabled complete control over the traffic which leaves your environment. They deliver and perform a number of functionalities like user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection, and visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic, caching, bandwidth management and more.
ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway is an advanced, multifaceted Web filtering, threat protection and security reporting system for organizational networks and mobile devices. It integrates the most sophisticated and robust Web content analysis and proactive threat detection technologies available to provide a total solution for today’s and tomorrow’s Web security needs.

ContentKeeper provides proven Web security solutions to secure today’s Web 2.0 business environment. Our solutions enable organizations to embrace mobile technology, social media and cloud-based services without compromising security. Even in today’s evolving threat landscape, ContentKeeper’s advanced, multi-layered behavioral analysis technology ensures mission critical Internet resources and services are protected – regardless of the device being used or where employees are located.

ContentKeeper’s layer 2 bridge design maximizes scalability, high performance and reliability. Real-time Web content and threat analysis engines are backed by our patented shared intelligence network to ensure protection, before you need it..


  • Web Filtering
    ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway automatically maintains a safe and productive work or study environment. ContentKeeper ensures no harmful or offensive content is accessible to users via a comprehensive Website category database, dynamic Web content classification and application controls. ContentKeeper also provides extensive policy controls and flexible exceptions to prevent annoying over-blocking of legitimate Web resources.

  • Advanced Threat Protection
    Secure Web Gateway is a multifaceted anti-malware and malicious Web threat security system. It combines three layers of advanced malware identification technology to provide a total barrier against Web threats:
    1. Streaming Malware Defense – high performance signature-based anti-virus with fast, real-time packet inspection. SMD identifies known viruses and spyware.

    2. Behavioral Analysis Engine – isolated virtual browser attack evaluation environment. Automatically tests unknown Web files, intelligently assesses the behavior of JavaScript (including obfuscation) and unpacks PDF files looking for any signs of malicious activity.

    3. Cloud Sandbox – a virtualized test computer environment where suspicious samples are executed and analyzed for any signs of malicious behavior. CSB analyses files that pass the previous layers of anti-malware inspection.

  • Advanced Reporting
    ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway provides comprehensive enterprise-class reporting capabilities covering Web traffic, user activity, policy compliance and security events. Management-friendly and forensic drilldown reports are provided as well as roles-based reporting access, scheduled report generation and automated email delivery or HTML publishing. Reports can be output in a range of formats giving you the flexibility to deliver reports how and when you want them.

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