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BlueCat IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions provide a smarter way to connect mobile devices, applications, virtual environments and clouds. We enable you to stay "always on" and connected. With unified mobile security, address management, automation and self-service, BlueCat offers a rich source of network intelligence that can be put into action to protect your network, reduce IT costs and ensure reliable service delivery. That's why many of the largest and most secure organizations in the world trust BlueCat. Enterprises and government agencies worldwide trust BlueCat to manage millions of devices and solve real business and IT challenges - from secure, risk-free BYOD to virtualization and cloud automation. Our Innovation and strong technology has been noted and verified by various independent worldwide including Gartner which rates us as "Strong Positive".

Product Offered

BlueCat IPAM Platform

The BlueCat IP Address Management (IPAM) platform provides network intelligence and a unified approach to mobile security, address management, automation and self-service. BlueCat mobile security allows you to actively register and track all connected devices. BlueCat address management provides centralized visibility and control of "everything IP" including your core network services. A flexible automation and self-service solution wraps these advanced capabilities together and integrates with your existing systems and processes to allow IT to move at the speed of business.

Mobile Security

Manage network-connected devices and reduce the risks of BYOD by automating device on-boarding and securing the network and devices.

Address Management

Centrally manage "everything IP" and gain insight and actionable intelligence on address space, networks, hostnames, devices and core services.

Automation and Self-Service

Instantaneously complete critical network requests by integrating IPAM into existing processes and workflow and enabling efficient IT self-service.

Solution Offered

IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS/ DHCP, Mobile Security and Automation& Self service

Key Benefits of the solution are

  • Network Intelligence
    Centrally manage everything on the network and gain visibility, insight and actionable Intelligence on IP address space, networks, hostnames, devices and core network services - all from a multi-tenant Web-based interface.
  • Network Management Pains
    Better management and visibility and visibility of the network ensures that your network does not face high profile outages due to IP conflicts or network blind spots. For IPV6 Migration it gives you a better understanding of the network.
  • Self-Service BYOD Registration
    Manage the explosive growth of network-dependent devices including corporate-owned and personal consumer devices and reduce the risks of BYOD by automating device on-boarding and securing both the network and devices.
  • Automation and Self-Service
    Allow IT to be more responsive to the needs of the business by integrating IPAM into existing IT processes and workflow and enabling efficient self-service. The combination of automation and Self-service lessens the IT burden of managing routine IPAM changes and dramatically reduces the turnaround time for critical network requests from days to minutes.
  • Network Discovery
    Automatic network discovery retrieves key information directly from routers and switches, enabling the IPAM solution to automatically augment its own data, which already includes the device's unique MAC address, IPv4/IPv6 addresses and DNS records, with valuable network-sourced data. Information such as switch port data can be appended to the IP address stored within the IPAM repository to provide a richer source of network intelligence. With network discovery, you can quickly and easily identify changes to connected devices across geographically dispersed networks
  • Network Reconciliation
    Network reconciliation makes the data captured through network discovery actionable, allowing you to better monitor and control devices, IP addresses, names and locations. Changes to discovered IPv4/IPv6 data can be compared in order to identify unused IP addresses for reclamation and/or unauthorized IP addresses that can create security vulnerabilities, such as non-compliant ad-hoc wireless access points set up by employees.
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