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About AirTight Networks

AirTight Networks offers enterprises the next generation of intelligent edge, secure, and flexible WLAN solutions.

Intelligent Edge Wi-Fi

AirTight's purpose-built, plug-and-play Wi-Fi AP/Sensor devices and its controller-less architecture enable a fully functional and fault-tolerant WLAN operation at the edge, and eliminate the cost, complexity and inefficiencies of legacy thin APs managed with controllers.

Top-ranked Security

AirTight offers industry's top-ranked and truly automated wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), powered with 25+ US and international patents, and certified for FIPS140-2, Common Criteria EAL2+, and DISA UC APL. AirTight WIPS detects all types of wireless threats, eliminates false alarms, and allows its customers to reliably turn on wireless intrusion prevention that can precisely block any Wi-Fi misuse without interfering with legitimate communication. With its WIPS technology built-in, AirTight offers industry's only WLAN solution that is armed to defend enterprise networks from wireless threats 24/7.

Solutions Offered

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) and Secure Wi-Fi,AirTight Cloud Services, Airtight Mobile, Airtight Planner.

AirTight WIPS

Comprehensive Security from Wireless threats With Worlds best Wireless Intrusion prevention System.

  • Automatic Device Classification
  • Reliable Intrusion Prevention
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Secure BYOD Policy Enforcement
  • Smart Forencics
  • “Location Aware” Centralized Management
  • Third Party integration and interoperability
  • Flexible deployment and pricing.

AirTight Wi-Fi

Enterprise Grade Wireless LAN

At no additional licensing costs, AirTight Wi-Fi provides all the enterprise WLAN features including content filtering, firewall, QoS, admission control, traffic shaping, and BYOD device onboarding. AirTight has a family of custom-engineered, software configurable Wi-Fi APs, including its C60 platform that is dual-radio, dual concurrent, and industry's only that can deliver 3x3:3 performance on 802.3af power budget and can also provide dedicated 24/7 WIPS protection concurrent with 802.11n access.

Industry only Location Aware Centralized Management

AirTight's patented hierarchical location based policy management architecture simplifies management of geographically distributed locations, easily scaling from ten to tens of thousands of locations. Using this architecture, enterprises can define role-based administration such that administrators get access to only the locations and functions they manage; other locations and functions are 'out of bounds' and naturally protected from mismanagement. Other functions, including inheritance and customization of policies, dashboards, devices and alerts listing, statistics, and reporting are also location aware.

AirTight Mobile

Protecting End Points from Wireless Threats 24/7 and secure BYOD On boarding.

  • Enforce Mobile Security Policy-at Work, at home at road
  • Control device interfaces and prevent misuse
  • Automate BYOD device on boarding

AirTight Cloud Services

A suite of hosted Wi-Fi,WIPS and PCI Compliance services

AirTight Planner

Optimize the cost, performance and security of your WLAN rollout.

Key features are

  • RF Environment Modelling
  • WLAN and WIPS Planning
  • Customizable planning reports and SPM Files

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