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WildPAckets, Inc., founded in 1990, develops network and application analysis solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to analyze, troubleshoot, optimize and secure their wired and wireless networks.wildPackets has more than 6,000 customers, and its products are sold in over 60 countries in all industrial sectors. Customers include Safeway, Boeing, Siemens, AT&T, Motorola and over 80% of the fortune 1000. For more information, please visit

Enterprise-wide Network Analysis and Recording Solution

WildPackets® distributed network analysis solutions givs IT organizations real-time visibility into every part of the network simultaneously from a single interface, including Ethernet, 1/10/40 Gigabit, 802.11, and voice and video over IP.

Wildpackets Solutions comprise OmniPeek® network analyzers and consoles and the Omnipliance family of network analysis and recorder appliances with OmniAdapter TM analysis cards. Each Omnipliance continuously captures, analyses, and stores data at remote locations on the network.

Use Cases for Distributed Network Analysis and Recording

With access to captured traffic and advanced tools for network analysis, IT engineers can

  • Troubleshoot network performance issues, including hard-to-diagnose issues that occur only intermittently.
  • Keep business-critical services like voice over IP running smoothly.
  • Perform transactional analysis with the "ultimate audit trail" for transactions, such as e-commerce transactions, where every network packet matters.
  • Find proof of security attacks, including data breaches, suggested by alerts raised by other security tools.

OmniPeek® Network Analyser

Serving as a software console for an unlimited number of Omnipliances, OmniPeek Enterprise software offers an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface and centralized Expert analysis that engineers can use to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot all networks under management. Network engineers can use OmniPeek's intuitive UI and "Top-down" approach to visualize network conditions, analyze faults from multiple network segments, drill down through layers of analysis, and pinpoint problems requiring correction.

Introducing Wild Packets Omnipliances

WildPackets' new family of Omnipliances fives IT orgnizaions the network monitoring, recording, and troubleshooting solution they need to keep up with today's high speed networks. Omnipliances provide 24/7 access to 1G, 10G, and 40G network traffic for detailed analysis, including forensic analysis of past events, expert Analysis for troubleshooting, voice and video over IP metrics, and critical network metrics like top Talkers and Top Protocols.

Each Omnipliances features both powerful network recording for capturing terabytes of traffic with no packets loss, and award-winning OmniEngine Enterprise software for performing real-time analysis of live network traffic and forensic network analysis of recorded traffic.

Omnipliances are built for speed. They enable IT organizations to monitor and troubeshoot all the activities running on 1G and 10G networks - everything form ecommerce transactions to VolP calls - without having to settle for analysis compromised by dropped packets, vague sampling, or high-level statistics.

Omnipliances configurations at a Glance

Appliances and Network interfaces can be combined to create a scalable solution for capturing and monitoring hundreds of terabytes of high-speed traffic.

  Omnipliance Portable Omnipliance CX Omnipliance MX Omnipliance TL
Gigabyte analysis and recording 1G/10G High-performance Networks 1G/10G Less-Demanding Networks 1G/10G High-performance Networks 1G/10G/40G Fully-Utilized Networks
Storage capacity 6TB Up to 16TB Up to 32TB Up to 128TB with OmniStorage
OmniAdapter Options Up to 2 - 1G/10G Up to 2 - 1G/10G MX Up to 4 - 1G/10G MX Up to 4 - 1G/10G MX
Space Required Aluminum chassis/ 17" LCD 1U rack mountable 3U rack mountable 3U/6U rack mountable

Solutions Offered

Network Monitoring and Application Analysis Solution

IT administrators can

  • Rapidly resolve network issues in real-time, before they become major problems
  • Optimize network and application performance
  • Improve overall end-user productivity
  • Baseline the entire network to understand the impact of deploying new technologies, such as VoIP or video
  • Mitigate security threats

CIOs and Business Managers can

  • Easily communicate service level compliance to the organization
  • Audit and track network activity for HR compliance violations
  • See the financial effect of new application deployments
  • Allocate IT Capital Expenditure budgets more efficiently
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