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Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Today cyber-attacks on banks are highly sophisticated and specific targeted attacks need to be analyzed and investigated.

Kaspersky Lab is a world leader in malware analysis and incident investigation, detecting and combating threats.

These are capable of stealing access credentials for various online banking systems and payment methods and much more.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention offers a combination of security modules and security services – to deliver in-depth defense, while allowing you to tailor your security to your specific needs:

Intelligence Services - customized reports delivered on a monthly basis including breaking news on financial threats, analysis of top banking malware with key data fluctuation graphs, global online banking threat indicators and quarterly in-depth reports.

Education Services - cyber security training sessions held by Kaspersky Lab experts to assist in the deployment of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention software and security by the people who fight cybercriminals on a daily basis.

Professional Services - dedicated incident investigations and forensics performed by Kaspersky Lab’s team of experts.

Security Account Manager - a dedicated communication channel to Kaspersky Lab’s experts; your Security Account Manager will be your key point of contact and their availability will be tailored to your specific organizational needs.


The main advantages of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention are:

  • Preserves your businesses reputation.
  • Support in meeting your compliance and regulatory objectives.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty – giving you a competitive edge .
  • Provides your organisation with Kaspersky Lab global security intelligence and deep security insights .
  • Increases adoption of high-margin and high-retention services like online banking, mobile banking and bill pay .
  • Complements financial institution brands with “security” value .

This multi-layered security approach which powers Kaspersky Fraud Prevention allows your financial institution to leverage the most advanced threat intelligence network in the world.

For over 16 years Kaspersky Lab has researched and developed technologies for efficient protection against all types of cyber threats - including those targeting the financial sector. Using this experience Kaspersky Lab developed Kaspersky Fraud Prevention – a comprehensive, highly tailored and easy-to-use technology platform addressing fraud risks for online and mobile financial transactions.

This platform protects customers of financial organizations regardless of the type of device they use to access these services: PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It includes a bank-side software component that detects malware and automatically identifies abnormal behavior patterns in individual customers’ transactions. Even if Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints has not been installed, the Clientless Engine can prevent fraudulent transactions.

In addition to the innovative protection technologies within the Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform, we provide educational and intelligence services using our unique expertise in detection, mitigation and even prevention of financial fraud.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers rigorous, multi-layered security for online and mobile banking. Its unique combination of security technologies and security services provides four layers of security:

  • Protection at your customer’s endpoint.
  • Anti-fraud protection within your bank’s infrastructure perimeter.
  • Analysis and reporting on transactions and threats.
  • Special services to help you constantly improve your security.
  • Online and mobile transactions benefit from automatic anti-fraud technologies – without any negative impact on customer experience.

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